Donuts Sandwiches & Country Style Home Cooking In Hickory NC

Donuts Sandwiches & Country Style Home Cooking In Hickory NC

The three Hickory NC restaurants I’m going to bring to you this time are quite interesting. One is actually a donut shop, one is a pub, and the third is a snack bar. Well, it’s a restaurant, and it’s called The Snack Bar. That may not sound too impressive, but you never know what you are going to run into when it comes to country cooking and the rural atmosphere vibe in Hickory, North Carolina. The Snack Bar, and places with similar names are likely to be quite the treat.

Donut Life is the donut shop I am going to tell you about. It is located at 1772 North Center Street, and people rave about the donuts served up there. One reviewer says that you haven’t had a donut unless you have eaten at Donut Life. Whether they are the best in the nation or not, you will have to see, but it certainly sounds like they are delicious nonetheless. Let me tell you one thing about this place that is unique. Let’s say you order a filled donut. You get to choose what filling you want, and guess what, they do it right in front of you.

That’s about as fresh as it gets when it comes to donuts, right? Now let’s look at McGuire’s Pub. This pub is located at 46 3rd Street NW, and it is known for serving up excellent roast beef, home fries, cold beer and more. The Reuben also makes the menu highlights, so you know for sure that you can find some great sandwiches there. People say the Community Theater is next door and that this pub features a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Snack Bar is is located at 1346 1st Avenue SW, and it is known for its biscuits, country style steak, burgers, chicken livers and all kinds of country style home cooking. I told you that these restaurants with simple names can surprise you. You want to know where to go in Hickory, so you need to think like a local. You want to experience the culture of this city, and I’m telling you that this is one of the places to go.

Stop by Snack Bar, eat some donuts at Donut Life and enjoy sandwiches at Maguire’s Pub. All three of these restaurants should be delightful. By the way, Snack Bar is also said to serve up some delicious banana pudding.

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